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God Most High

Luke 8:26-56    Genesis 13-14    Psalm 7

Did you notice in today’s readings that  the title “God Most High/Most High God” appears in Genesis 14 (verses 18-23) AND in Luke 8 (v.28), where “Legion” recognizes Jesus as “Son of the Most High God?”  (A form of the title is used in Psalm 7 also – v.17). It is an intriguing title, isn’t it? “Most High.” What do you think it means in the context of Genesis? Luke?

One thing I find fascinating is that the title shifts (subtly or not so) in Genesis when Abram uses it to specifically identify the God he’s been covenanting with and obeying: “the LORD (YHWH), God Most High, maker of heaven and earth…” It brings to mind for me Paul walking around Athens and finding the statue dedicated “to an unknown god” and then proclaiming “the God who made the world and everything in it . . .” (Acts 17)

Oh, by the way, Salem (v.18) is a name for Jerusalem (see Psalm 76:2). Peace.


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  Janet wrote @

In my reading this morning, I hadn’t noticed the parallel between “God most high” used in Genesis and then again in Luke, by Legion. Very interesting! This blog, along with your Sunday School class, will be quite enlightening as we read each week. I’m excited and am committed to staying on track!

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