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Stargazing and Mindfulness

Luke 9:1-27    Genesis 15    Psalm 8

Stargazing is a spiritual exercise. Or it can be, for those who are willing. Today’s texts find Abram practicing it (Gen.15), and the author of Psalm 8 is certainly into it. And who’s to say that there wasn’t a little stargazing going on in Luke 9 (v.18) when Jesus was praying alone with only the disciples nearby?!

To take in a star-filled sky is, for the person of faith, to become mindful of the vastness of the universe and the magnificance of the creator.  It is also, as the psalmist sings out, to become aware of how small we are in comparison: “When I consider the heavens, the work of your hands, the moon and the stars that you have established; what are mortals that you are mindful of them!?” v.3,4

God Most High, creator of the universe is mindful of us! Check out today’s 3 texts. God makes promises to us — and keeps them. God cares for us — and responds to our prayers! God even chooses to involve us in the conversation and the work that Jesus is doing. Amazing.

As we move through this day, let’s choose to return the grace: let’s be mindful of the God who is mindful of us. Peace.


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