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Patience . . .

Luke 10:1-20    Genesis 17    Psalm 10

So. Tomorrow morning — long before most of you are even thinking of being awake — I will begin my journey home. . .  a journey that will involve a great deal of waiting. Waiting in the airline check-in line. Then the security line. Then waiting for boarding. And arriving. And waiting for another airplane. And . . . It takes patience to travel from here to there, doesn’t it?  So . . . because tomorrow is a travel day, I reflect on Sunday’s texts now. . .

What about Abram? And journeying? And patience? In Genesis 12 he went AND received God’s promise: Children! And Land to his children! Excellent!!! But (as we read it) only four chapters later, he and Sarai are stepping in and helping out (You know the story: “Here’s my slave-girl . . . ). Where’s the patience, we cry?! Off the map in only 4 chapters??? What’s up with that?  Hmmm. . . Well, let’s check it out: Gen. 16:3 — Abram had lived in Canaan 10 years when this happened ( A DECADE after that initial promise — When was the last time you/I waited a decade for anything?). . . And notice this: Abram was 86 when Ishmael was born (Gen.16:16) AND (Gen. 17:1) It was 13 years later — when Abram was 99 — before the next recorded appearance of  God to Abram!  23 years! Can WE imagine waiting that long for, well, ANYTHING???

Ah, patience. It is one facet of the fruit of God’s Spirit, you know . . .  So, as you read Abram’s story, rather than giving ol’ Abe a hard time for his impatience, try reflecting on your own level of patience: How well do you wait? How long are you willing to wait for God to act before you take matters into your own hands???  Oh, and just how patient is God in waiting for us???

So, for my part, I’m going to think of Abram and Sarai tomorrow as I wait. And wait. And wait a bit more. For one day. . .  What about you???


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