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So Many Lessons . . .

Luke 10:21-42    Genesis 18    Psalm 11

Today’s texts are densely packed with lessons to ponder and apply:

Hospitality. Genesis 18:2-8 AND Luke 10:29-42 provide rich descriptions of hospitlity and courtesy. Abraham and Sarah offer their best and warmest hospitality to 3 strangers passing by; and in so doing, they “entertained angels without knowing it” (Hebrews 13:2). In Luke, a Samaritan cares for a wounded stranger and two sisters host Jesus. How open are our hearts and homes? And how present are we when we DO entertain others? Do we hold back like Sarah? Refuse to participate like the priest and levite? Lose ourselves in the details as Martha? True hospitality is a gift that blesses the recipient and the giver.

Then there is prayer. Can you believe the boldness of Abraham in interceding for the righteous citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah? (Gen.18:23-33). As we learn to pray, this is certainly a text to ponder and, yes, wrestle with . . . Particularly with Psalm 11 next to it. In the psalm, there is first quoted the voice of those who would give up & hide in the face of evil. Then, the second half calls us to stand firm and place our trust/confidence in God. What might you and I learn about prayer in these passages? How might it alter our approaches to prayer??? I would love to hear your reflections . . .

Finally power. Just prior to today’s verses in Luke 10, please note that the 70 return most joyful about the power over evil that they had experienced (v.17). Note further that Jesus redirects their joy to the grace they receive in being part of what God is doing (v.20). Ah, human nature! Let us this day rejoice in the amazing grace of God that includes us, realizing that any authority or power we have comes from God as a means of furthering God’s kingdom agenda.

Peace, Jeff


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  Janet wrote @

“Bold” is exactly what I thought when Abraham kept requesting God to alter his considerations! It felt like he was really pushing the envelope. When we watched Rob Bell’s CD yesterday about prayer, he asks the questions that we all ponder, i.e., Does my prayer make a difference? Why does one child die yet another live? But this passage reminds me to be BOLD when I pray! Had it not been for Abraham’s petition to God, all of Sodom and Gomorrah may have perished!

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