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Immediate vs Important

Luke 14:1-24    Genesis 25    Psalm 18

Esau sells his rights as the elder son for bowl of lentil stew (Gen.25:29-34). . . Religious folks place law above the life of another (Lk.14:1-6) . . . Dinner guests jostle for places of honor (Lk.14:7-11) . . . or choose to attend to ordinary tasks rather than accept the invitation to a great feast (Lk.14:15-24) . . . What is the common thread in these texts? Is it not short-sightedness versus vision?  Are these not all examples of our very human tendency to allow the immediate to eclipse the important?

The immediate does often become the enemy of the important, doesn’t it? (“No time to pray . . .  too busy to serve . . . but I want it now!”) . . . Notice, however, the message of God’s Word: In our preoccupation with the “here and now,” we risk rejecting the incomparably greater invitation to be a real part of what God is doing!

Let’s pay attention today to the choices before us: Busy-ness vs prayer . . . checklists vs people . . .  hurry vs presence . . . mundane vs eternal . . . immediate vs important.

I call upon the Lord,
who is worthy to be praised,
so shall I be saved from my enemies.
Psalm 18:3



  Pat wrote @

Sometimes it’s the little ideas that you come up with that cause me to think the hardest. Immediate/ important. I will try to evaluate my activities today in light of of these 2 values.

  Christopher wrote @

I love it! Thank you.

Short-sightedness, what a thing that humans struggle with (me definitely included).

This passage with Esau selling his birthright for some stew has always got me…that must’ve been some good stew. Was he really that ill informed of what his birthright meant. Or, did he just not care?

  fbcsreadthruthebible wrote @

I’m thinking he just didn’t care at that moment — his hunger was all he could think about (he did care later) . . . Makes me think about the billboard that I used to pass on Franklin Blvd (an ad for Sprite): “Obey your thirst.” I’m afraid that the obedience to thirst/appetite/desire has led to many a lost birthright . . .

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