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Journeying . . .

Luke 18:18-43    Genesis 31    Psalm 24

Journeying is the common thread in today’s texts. Jacob, Leah, and Rachel return to the land of promise (Genesis 31), worshippers travel to the temple mount to seek God’s face (Psalm 24), people make decisions about following Jesus, who is going up to Jerusalem to accomplish his mission (Luke 18:18-43). In every instance, the destination holds great promise and purpose: Living the promise; seeing God; abundant life; God’s plan fulfilled.

Yes, the journey “to” holds great promise; and it always requires a “from” that must be left behind, bid farewell,  released and let go: Jacob must leave Laban’s sphere of influence . . . Leah and Rachel must leave their father and his gods . . . worshippers — and the disciples of Jesus — leave home . . . the ruler that wishes to follow Jesus must let go of all he owns . . . and Jesus will lay down his life.

Yes, stepping into a new future always involves letting go. Easier said than done, right? Rachel grabbed her father’s idols and took them with her . . . the ruler was overwhelmed with sadness at the thought of releasing his resources . . . and the disciples “understood nothing” when it came to Jesus impending sacrifice . . .

How about us??? Where are we today in relation to the future into which God is calling us? What do we need to leave behind in order to move deeper into the story of God? What idols are still in our suitcase? What is that “one thing” that keeps us from following Jesus? Whatever it is, it doesn’t really belong to us, anyway (see Psalm 24:1)!

May we, this day, join the blind man, who, upon gaining his sight, followed Jesus, glorifying God. Amen.


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