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Take Courage!

Luke 20:1-26    Genesis 35-36    Psalm 27

It Takes Courage. . . to march into Jerusalem, speak good news in the temple daily (with authority), and tell stories that call out an opposition that is constantly watching, listening, and plotting against you (Luke 20). It takes courage to put away the idols and talismans that you have counted upon for protection, and travel through hostile territory with the goal of declaring personal loyalty to one God and a promise (Genesis 35). Yes, it takes courage to do the next right thing in the midst of  opposition . . .

What Is the Source of Such Courage? Or, as Jesus’ opponents demand: Who gives such authority (Lk.20:2)?  Psalm 27 declares the answer: “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” (Psalm 27:1). Make no mistake, Jesus and Jacob find their courage in God (and please don’t diminish Jesus’ courage — or the possibility of your own — with the “Well, he’s the son of God, of course he’s courageous” approach). In the case of  Jacob, it is also clear that he bases his present boldness on the experience of God’s faithfulness in the past (see Gen.35:3). In other words, courage and authority belong to those who trust God enough to step out and into the next chapter of the story.

Take Courage today. Living under the authority of God, do the next right thing!

Wait for the Lord;
be strong, and let your heart take courage;
wait for the Lord!
— Psalm 27:14



  Amanda wrote @

How timely, take courage! Just do the next right thing. Sometimes, like now, the next right thing seems a bit foggy. Knowing what the right thing to do so you can take courage and do it can be a challange. That is where the wait on the Lord part comes in. Thanks Jeff for your insight and reminder.

  fbcsreadthruthebible wrote @

Important observation, Amanda! Waiting — expectantly — is a critical discipline of discernment. Thanks!

  Bradys Savage wrote @

This was interesting that the emphasis on waiting on the Lord came up in today’s reading. Just last night Troy read something from a book he is reading about Paul and it was; The Lord says “wait, rest; wait, rest” He says nothing about “hurry” in the scriptures. Thanks Jeff

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