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Greatly Puzzled

Acts 10:1-33    Joshua 7-8    Job 24

“Now while Peter was greatly puzzled . . .”  (Acts 10:17). Peter is but one of several puzzled folks in today’s texts. After defeat at Ai, Joshua joins him, falling to the ground on his face perplexed and struggling mightily he prays, “Why?” (Joshua 7:7). Job, for his part, puzzles over God’s silence and laments that “God pays no attention” to the prayers of the poor (Job 24:12).  Then there is Cornelius who, upon meeting an angel of God in a vision, stares in terror and squeaks, “What is it, Lord?” (Acts 10:4). This much is sure: Not a one of them expected what they were given!

Greatly puzzled.  Have you ever been there? I know I have! How about that time God didn’t come through the way you expected? Or the occasion(s) when God has shown up in ways, times, or places you did not expect? Or, imagine it now, maybe God has even attempted to lead you to go where you never, ever expected God to send you . . .  If so, know that Joshua, Job, Cornelius, and Peter found it puzzling too . . . responding with grief and terror, protest and hesitation. And more . . .

“The next day he got up and went with them” (Acts 10:23). Peter’s obedience mirrors that of Cornelius and Joshua. Puzzled as they were, they each came to a place of attentiveness; listening and then responding with action. Even Job, who is not yet finished puzzling, does so with heightened attentiveness . . .  Puzzled. Engaged. Attentive. Responsive. Who knows what God will show us if we will do the same?

“God has shown me that I should not call anyone profane or unclean.”
— Acts 10:28  


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