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John 18:28-19:16   2 Chronicles 29   Psalm 85

“Do you not know that I have power?” (John 19:10). So says Pilate to Jesus. And when he does, he means power over. Over Jesus life. And death. And so he thinks and acts. As do the very religious people who take Jesus to Pilate but stay outside in order to keep themselves clean (v.28). As if. Today, as Hezekiah oversees the cleansing and reopening of the temple and Jesus is tried by Pilate, we have opportunity to reflect on power. Over? Or under? Grabbed? Or given?

“You would have no power . . . (John 19:11) unless it had been given you from above.” So Jesus says to Pilate. No power over Jesus. None. Unless is was given. And the same could be said to the pure religious folks who brought him there. They had no power over him — or over their purity in the sight of God. None. And the same could be said of Hezekiah and the Levites and the priests. Because — and here is the truth — no one has anything unless it has been given from above. No power. No cleansing. No salvation. No life. None. All power is power under. All of life is gift received. Do you see it? And if so, what difference does it make — will it make — in the living of our lives? Listen to the song of the singer:

“The Lord will give what is good” (Psalm 85:12). To understand that God gives and we receive changes everything, for it restores right order. God gives what is good, and we respond by living lives of gratitude and stewardship. Under the gracious authority of God. In this Hezekiah and all the officials provide a model as “they sang praises with gladness, and they bowed down and worshiped” (2 Chronicles 29:30). And it is a given that God would have us do the same. Amen.

“Show us your steadfast love,
O Lord,
and grant us your salvation.”

— Psalm 85:7


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