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The Lord Rules!

2 John    Ezra 5-6    Psalm 93

“The floods have lifted up their voice” (Psalm 93:3). All of the scripture passages for this day unfold against a backdrop of chaos and opposition. In Ezra, we see the Jews continuing to rebuild the temple even as the governor and his cohorts attempt to stop the work. In 2 John, a local church is encouraged to focus on walking in truth, love, and obedience even as some who have gone out from them attempt to distract and deceive them. And in Psalm 93, God’s rule is compared to the powers of chaos, as symbolized by mighty waters . . . Together, these texts tell us what we already know: Those who enter the story of God and seek to live life God’s way are not immune to chaos, opposition, deception, and distraction. This does not, however, imply that all is the same.

“But the eye of God was upon the elders” (Ezra 5:5) and the work did not stop. The temple was completed in the face of opposition, because God was with them. In fact, the end result was that the governor was instructed to “let the work on this house of God alone” (Ezra 6:7) and use tax monies to support the project! (v.8-10). And the church is told that “grace, mercy, and peace will be with” them (2 John 3), as gifts from God who is with them in Jesus Christ. Why and how? Because God, whose authority is “everlasting” and whose word is “very sure,” is greater than any storm or flood that may rise against us (Psalm 96:4). This, then, is the rest of the story: Chaos happens, but it does not rule. Only God rules! Over and through and with. The eye of God is upon you; always and forever.

“Let us love one another” (2 John 5). That is, give yourselves to walking “according to his commandments” (v.6). And this is the consistent message we receive from God’s word: Keep loving and trusting and believing and obeying no matter how deep the water or how loud the roar of the opposition. God, who is “more majestic than the waves of the sea” (Psalm 93:4) is with you. May we keep walking according to God’s word — and never stop — knowing that the eye of God is upon us; the Lord, who rules over all, is with us. Amen.

“Grace, mercy, and peace will be with us from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, in truth and love.”
— 2 John 3


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