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My Strong Deliverer

2 Peter 2    Jeremiah 43-44    Psalm 140

“O Lord, my Lord, my strong deliverer” (Psalm 140:7). There is, as the scriptures remind us this day, a critical distinction to be made between freedom promised (2 Peter 2:19) and freedom delivered (Psalm 140:12). What’s more, while it is often our pride that leads us to blur this distinction and twist the truth (Jeremiah 43:2; 2 Peter 2:10), the result is always the same: loss of freedom, for “people are slaves to whatever masters them” (2 Peter 2:19). Consider the struggle between true and false freedom . . .

“We are not going to listen to you” (Jeremiah 44:16). So spoke the men and women of Judah as they boldly declared their independence from the Lord and his prophet. And their reasoning involved a willful and instructive twist: Their recent troubles, they determined, were not the result of their disobedience to God (as Jeremiah had said). No. In their opinions, it could all be traced back to when they “stopped making offerings to the queen of heaven” (v.18). And, on the basis of that twisted interpretation, they declared that freedom would be found not in obedience to God, but in declaring their independence from God (v.17). In so doing, they were, in the words of 2 Peter, falling prey to “destructive opinions” and denying “the Master who bought them” (2 Peter 2:1). There is, according to God’s word, only one way to steer clear of the proud independence that poses as true freedom . . .

“I say to the Lord, ‘You are my God; give ear to the voice of my supplications'” (Psalm 140:6). Humility and trust. As opposed to being “insolent” and “willful” (Jeremiah 43:2; 2 Peter 2:10). I cannot save myself. And my proud attempts at independence simply end in slavery to other masters (2 Peter 2:19). True freedom is found in obeying God and trusting the Lord to deliver, protect, and guard me (Psalm 140); the Lord, who “knows how to rescue the godly from trial” (2 Peter 2:9). Who are you trusting for your freedom? Yourself? Or God? There is only one strong deliverer. May we always trust the Master who bought us. Amen.

“I know that the Lord maintains the cause of the needy,
and executes justice for the poor.
Surely the righteous shall give thanks to his name;
the upright shall live in your presence.”
— Psalm 140:12,13


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